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Relocating to Greece: Live your life to the fullest!

When people think about Greece the first thing that comes in their mind is sunny beaches, beautiful sunsets, the Acropolis and syrtaki. The country attracts a huge number of tourists yearly but many expats choose Greece to live permanently or at least for a long-term period. There are many reasons why you should make your dream come true and decide to live in Greece!

Greece is unique! Although most people think of Greece as a collection of islands and beaches, Greece has many different facets. With medieval castles, snowy mountain landscapes during winter, beautiful lakes, and rivers, monasteries, and churches, Greece has more to offer than sunny beaches and blue crystal waters.

Sunshine! Greece has the best weather to offer all year round in the region of Europe. With more than 250 days of sunshine yearly, Greece is one of the sunniest countries in the World and the sunniest country in Europe.

Greeks are friendly! The Greek word “philoxenia” literally means “love of the foreign” and is more than just a warm welcome. Greeks are well known for their hospitality. Whether you decide to live in a big city or in a small village, you will always feel the warmth and generosity of the Greeks towards all people.

Greece is affordable! Compared to North America and most European countries Greece’s cost for daily essentials is about 20% cheaper while rent is almost 70% cheaper than in New York!

Low crime rates! Greece is one of the safest countries in Europe. Ranked as the 39th safest country in the world Greece welcomes expats and tourists all year around.

The Golden Visa! After 2010, the Greek Government introduced a Golden Visa Program designed to attract foreign investors and help the country exit its financial crisis. The program encourages non-EU expats to make a financial investment in real estate, for 250,000 euros (minimum) with exchange free travel, healthcare or education anywhere within the European Union.

Greek Food is the Healthiest! Not only the Greek food is considered the healthiest diet but it is also delicious. Based on the principles of balance, variety, and moderation, Greek cuisine combines the intake of all food groups in a variety and in the correct frequency and combination for a healthy lifestyle. Delicious fruits and vegetables that are produced locally can be found in every corner of every neighborhood.

Language! While 98% of the population speak Greek, it is very common for Greek people to learn a second and sometimes a third language. Basic or sometimes even fluent, English is very common.  Other most common foreign languages learned by Greeks, are German, French, and Italian. However, you will receive a lot of appreciation and smiles when you choose to start your conversation with a “Kalimera” instead of “ Goodmorning” or “efharisto” instead of “thank you”.

In summary, there are many reasons why Greece is unique and why more and more expats choose Greece as their new home. Combining a healthy lifestyle in an actually breathtaking country with generous, warm people you can definitely live better for less!